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Torbe di Negrar


Owner: Cristiano Saletti

Viticulture: Natural


Terre di Pietra was born in Torbe di Negrar in 2007 where, by fitting three small steel tanks into the house garage, the first fermentations begin which are real experiments for those who have never had a technical training. In 2010 the construction of the cellar in Marcellise begins, from which the first spontaneously fermented wine comes out in 2011.


The approach to viticulture as natural as possible comes from its own tradition and culture, so from the very beginning synthetic products are not used in the management of the vineyard. The vineyards are in three different areas: in Marcellise, in the new area of Valpolicella east of Verona where the winery is also located, in Montorio the vineyard valley closest to the city and in Torbe di Negrar, in the classic area of Valpolicella, to the north. of Verona, in the high hills, between 450 and 600 meters above sea level.


The vines planted are the historical ones of the area: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara with a few rows of Croatina, a bit of Garganega and Marselan: a curious and unusual experiment, a French grape planted in a mountain area that is difficult to cultivate.


Since the 2013 vintage all the wines are spontaneously fermented, no chemical or oenological corrective agents are used (apart from the use of sulfur) and filtration and clarification have been eliminated. Terre di Pietra is a dream that continues, a deep and sincere passion of which Cristiano, Anna and Alice have taken up the baton to give new life and vitality to a project that not even a bitter destiny has been able to interrupt.



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