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Azienda Agricola Socci is a family-run winery situated in Castelplanio.
All grape bunches are individually inspected and picked by hand. Bottling takes place on the family's “production line” and we can definitely say that we handle each and every bottle. We are proud to say that our production is the result of our work; Limited quantities of wines that are available to a select clientele and not to large distribution chains.
As the saying goes “Good wine starts from the grapevines” and their vineyard is the obstinate expression of this noble concept. Socci winery's 3 hectares of land are planted almost exclusively with VERDICCHIO DEI CASTELLI DI JESI CLASSICO D.O.C. except for 15% planted with Malvasia of Candia.
The real strong point of their vineyards is a combination of quality soil, exposition, altitude and care to vines. The vineyard is on a hill. This guarantees vine leaves ideal exposition to sun and light. The higher up the hill, the fresher and crisper the air becomes. Humidity is thus reduced, and the breeze helps to create the right level of air humidity, preventing the formation of mould. In addition to being lucky with a good atmospheric temperature range, our vineyards are on calcareous clay soil which is ideal to produce high-quality wines.

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