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Cinque Terre


Owner: Samuele Heydi Bonanini

Viticulture: Natural

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Along one of the most suggestive paths of the Cinque Terre, which goes from the Possaitara (Riomaggiore) valley to Canneto, there is the Possa farm, owned by Heydi Samuele Bonanini. If until a few decades ago, despite the difficulties given by the extreme topography of the land, this area was entirely intended for viticulture, today it has become a "desert" at hydrogeological risk and with very few farmers to raise the vine on the steep slopes.


In this landscape of poignant beauty, all agronomic processes become long, tiring, and complicated, from the construction of the terraces, with dry stone walls for more than two kilometers in length, to the harvest, where the grapes are transported by boat or with a monorail up the side, up to the destemming, which in the case of the sciacchetrà is made by hand grape after grape withering.


Even though he has dedicated himself for some time to the construction of Possa and to resume the tireless work of his predecessors, Heydi has only been able to quit his work as a truck driver for a few years, devoting himself heart and soul to agriculture.


The wines of Possa are unique and highly original, they tell the story of a heroic challenge made of sacrifices, willpower, and tradition, which Heydi harvest after harvest proves to have fully won




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